Part 2, Bending the Intersection

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people” Sir Isaac Walton (1642 – 1726). 

Newton among other things built the first reflecting telescope and created the basic rules of color which separates white light from the colors of the visible spectrum. Today’s photographers/video-photographers owe credit to his science.  Video and digital images of today’s world would not be possible if not for Newton’s science.

The MatchLIDProject is no student or follower of Sir Isaac Newton.  “The Project” came to this moment, to outline a Law of Organic Viral Resonance, in a humorous manner.  Laugh, cry, cheer, scream, you just don’t know, because people, over the past few weeks, are doing maddening things. So here goes ….

The Law of Organic Viral Resonance is a theorem, a hypothesis crafted roughly to relate to Newton’s Law of Gravity.  Or to state his third law in the simplest of his terms, to every action there is always opposed and equal reaction”.

The Law of Organic Viral Resonance – is the speed in which an organic viral notice(s), an action, is distributed grows faster and its angle of reception becomes sharper transforming the notice (reaction) into an unpredictable change or unexpected consequence.

 It is only viewed in its resonance to the viewer and not by the creation of, or attempted control of that viral notice.

The notice is defined as an image, written electronic message, or a song that originates in the digital world as an online internet or broadcast action (a posting). An organic viral notice is grown from a chaotic situation. It is neither organized or a planned response of release. It is of the moment. The action grows beyond the originators’ immediate control.

Think Henri Carter-Bresson, the photographer famous for capturing the decisive moment on the street as opposed to manufacturing a photo opportunity on the street and then promoting it.

Newton never had to deal with 1/0 digitized world.  Or how those digits congeal, then rapidly distribute at the speed of light – to reformulate in a spectrum of colors somewhere else in the physical world.  Gravity in this sequence is measured in importance, severity, magnitude and at times in a physical reaction.  Laugh or cry, feel emotion, feel a tug – it’s all an “equal reaction”.

Like a drug company TV ad disclaimer this law comes with “affects” such as  – Common occurrences that accompany this law are: A shrug-like shit happens justification, OMG expressions, explaining that fat finger moment to the boss, Walk-that-back public statements, claims of being susceptible to brain farts, the cause for hiring social/media consultants, a facial expression of “how did I get here” or where the “fug-r-we”, a sudden recognition that you and Toto are no longer in Kansas,  full faith in artificial intelligence controlling the map or drivers’ steering wheel (aka going along for the ride), the sick feeling that you just got tackled in the backfield for a loss and then there’s jail time. Abuse of the law can be lethal, in a strictly social environment.

Then there is political scientist Christopher Wlezin’s thermostat theory of politics. His theory holds that the American people (TAP) move like a thermostat. When an administration moves the country in one way the TAP worry if the shift is too big and their views move the other way much in the way a thermostat regulates room temperature.

A simpler held view is TAP are really like a pendulum, where the pendulum does not stick in one spot, right or left but rather tries to swing back towards a natural resting central position. Newton’s work on gravity would endorse the pendulum.

Does this silly organic law exist?

Sure, it’s first correlation is in the phrase – “Stupid is as stupid does”.  It is from that famous 1994 Tom Hanks line from the movie Forrest Gump.  The phrase’s lexicon is now defined as “a person’s lack of intelligence may be judged by their actions”.  The phrase is not a metaphor for a slowed intelligent person as portrayed by the Hanks character.

More evidence of the laws’ existence happened on May 4, 1970 at Kent State University in Ohio.  The actions on that date conducted by federal troops dispatched to KSU to control a peaceful Vietnam War protest resulted in Neil Young writing with Crosby, Stills and Nash’s help in recording that viral analog anthem, Four Dead in Ohio. The anthem painted a dark picture of the use and intervention of armed militia upon US citizens.

Lastly, on August 1, 2017, Charlottesville, VA becomes the flash reference point over the conflict on the removal of lost cause confederate symbols, that revive racism and deadly confrontational protest actions. Again, actions here are virally shared.

So how does this all relate to the Intersection of the sports world with the pandemic world and the resulting impact upon, in particular, restaurants. 

To find out follow this next bread crumb to the blog Part 3, Moving through the Intersection.

We build too many walls and not enough bridges. Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1726)

The MatchLIDProject

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